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Learn C++ and own the power to create!

CS 281 is all about learning to code building blocks. Each week, the building blocks will get a little bit bigger. When you finish this class, you’ll own the power to create any app you can imagine.

CS 281 is a safe space to explore programming and develop marketable skills. Programming is the ultimate equitable space because everyone can do it, and each person will create uniquely beautiful code .

Students of all backgrounds are welcomed, respected, and valued in this class – our class. In programming, each person’s perspective is important to the success of everyone on the development team. Developers write their best code with no fear because teammates encourage every idea with “Yes! And…”

In CS 281 we’re all teammates, and we strive to be good teammates – we’re professional, our contributions are positive, we never judge. C++ is not easy so get ready to work hard, but we will all support each other to make learning fun and help everyone succeed in our class.

“What is the point of being alive if you don’t at least try to do something remarkable?”

Q: Who said this? A: Lots of successful people!